unspecting the vastness of the universe

Drone Photography Perspective

Drone photography is a total change in cultural perspective

Make UX your guiding principle

Has it really worked, if the user didn’t see it?

Hiding or standing down

You should always contribute.


Doing something everyday is tedious and can be exhausting. It is useful and fulfilling nonetheless.

Influence the market or participant

Are you trying to influence the efficient market or the participants?

Reuse, Fork, Copy, Credit

When using other people’s work, consider what added value you created

Other People's Platforms

Is your content valuable enough to live on your own platform? Is another platform good enough to value your content?

GitHub actions as CI

If you can read this my GitHub actions are working

What if everyone's frame of reference is wrong?

It seems preposterous to assume, though everyone’s frame of reference could be wrong.

What if your frame of reference is wrong?

The value of personal experience is a double edged sword