unspecting the vastness of the universe

Every challenge becomes a software challenge eventually

But every challenge is a hardware challenge first

If PC is so great, why is there no PC 2?

ARM-powered MacBooks and the Steamdeck are the harbingers of the unthinkable: PC 2

Emergent Realities

Does reality influence our perception, or does our perception influence reality?

The discussion around NFTs is mass hysteria all around

When a technology is misunderstood by everyone, is it doomed to fail?

scalping is price discovery as intended

Why aren’t retailer and producers doing it themselves?

Beyond the universe

the metaverse has been here a few times already

More of what you order me to do, please

Before the algorithms, it was even worse

More of the same, please

We will know, when algorithms become AI: if they stop recommending more of the same

Netflix Disney Business Model

Netflix and Disney+ don’t have the same business model

Consume Value

You cannot consume value