unspecting the vastness of the universe

Emergent Realities

Does reality influence our perception, or does our perception influence reality?

More of the same, please

We will know, when algorithms become AI: if they stop recommending more of the same

Consume Value

You cannot consume value

Hiding or standing down

You should always contribute.

Influence the market or participant

Are you trying to influence the efficient market or the participants?

Reuse, Fork, Copy, Credit

When using other people’s work, consider what added value you created

What if everyone's frame of reference is wrong?

It seems preposterous to assume, though everyone’s frame of reference could be wrong.

What if your frame of reference is wrong?

The value of personal experience is a double edged sword

Automate the boring stuff

What is boring stuff? And why does it need to be automated?

Clubhouse is currently missing its USP

consuming unstructured audio information live is time intensive and difficult - so the very best creators are needed